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A licensed immigration consultant

What you need know prior to coming to Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker.

This information is for you to prepare for your travel to Canada, once you have obtained your temporary resident visa and information for when you land in Canada.

What you need to bring with you when you come to Canada as a Temporary Resident.

  1. Travel Insurance: I suggest you look into getting some travel insurance to protect you before you travel, during and upon landing in Canada, as this is something all travellers should do to ensure they have coverage in case something happens.

  2. Valid Passport with visa

  3. Employment offer letter (if you are coming as a worker)

  4. Employment contract (if you are coming as a worker)

  5. Admissions letter (if you are coming as a student)

  6. Attached letter of introduction from IRCC (sent you when you were granted the visa)

  7. This link will explain what will happen at the point of entry (POE) with the CBSA officer (immigration) 

Things you will need to know when you arrive in Canada.

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